High-Fiber Protein Source is New Option for Non-Meat Eaters

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to be ready to go meatless. Leading meat-free British brand Quorn®, with its great texture uniquely similar to meat, is now here in the Philippines.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to be ready to go meatless. Leading meat-free British brand Quorn, with its great texture uniquely similar to meat, is now here in the Philippines.

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Quorn® has 85 percent less fat than lean beef, and zero cholesterol or trans fats

Whether you want to cook from scratch and go for Quorn Pieces or Mince, or prefer ready-to-cook options like nuggets, Quorn offers more choices for a healthier meal.

Made mainly from mycoprotein, a naturally healthy protein produced by a natural fermentation process similar to the way cheese and yogurt are made, Quorn contains high protein and fiber, has 85 percent less fat than lean beef, has 200 calories fewer per meal, and has zero cholesterol and trans fats.

A fungus called Fusarium venenatum is mixed with oxygen, nitrogen, glucose and minerals to produce mycoprotein. These ingredients are combined in a fermenter similar to those found in a brewery to form a continuous supply of mycoprotein that is harvested and dried before egg white is added to aid in the binding. (That said, those who have an adverse reaction to fungi should avoid mycoprotein.)

“It’s a nutritious fungus, a bit like yeast. We simply grow it by feeding it with glucose and oxygen. It’s a very simple, natural process,” said Kevin Brennan, Quorn CEO.


Quorn is non-GMO, made with non-GMO ingredients. Mycoprotein, the key ingredient in Quorn products, is not genetically modified. All other ingredients used are purchased to a specification which requires that they are not genetically modified, he said.
Brennan also said Quorn is better for the planet. It has a smaller carbon footprint, approximately 90 percent less than beef and 75 percent less than chicken, up to 90 percent less land and water is used than different meat options, and is the first global meat-alternative brand to achieve third-party certification of its carbon footprint figures.

“Food is national obsession [here], a favorite pastime that brings people together. You’re always on the market for something new. Quorn is an infinite source of protein and high in fiber that it gives people a choice for a balanced diet,” said British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Anwar Ahmad.
Brennan said the market for meat-free products is the younger, well-informed generation.


“Generally, there’s a trend around people wanting to cut meat around the world. They just won’t eat meat for health reasons or sustainability reasons for the planet. The Philippines has younger, more educated consumers so we’re just in the right spot,” he said.

Quorn partnered with Shakey’s Phils. for their Meatless Pizza, for example, and the orders far exceeded their expectations.

How does it compare to soya?


The main difference between soya and Quorn is the fiber. The fiber and egg, Brennan said, give it its unique texture. He added that high fiber and high protein is a good combination. They’re good for the body and very filling.

“You’re not hungry for a long time,” he said.

Unlike other meat alternatives, Quorn has no strong aftertaste. They are great at absorbing the flavors used in cooking, making them ideal for creating delicious meals.
In Asia, Quorn is also available in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Brennan said they are working to make it available in South Korea and Taiwan.

Soon to be made available locally is the vegan Quorn that uses potato extract instead of eggs as binders.

Vegetarian Quorn is now available at S&R, Rustan’s, Shopwise, SM Supermarket, Savemore, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons, Puregold, Metro Gaisano, Landmark, Waltermart, Hi Top, Citimart, and Jenra.

Reasonably priced at P99-140 per pack, Quorn is expected to roll out in more stores nationwide.

Visit www.Quorn.ph, www.mycoprotein.org.

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